Advertising Your Business

Most people in business realise it is essential to advertise their product or service to let people know who they are & what they offer.
But how do you get your message across?

Where Shall I Advertise?
Firstly, you need to decide what method of advertising is likely to get your business the best result. It may be that you need to use more than one method including local magazines, national papers/radio, local radio, the internet, flyers or even billboards. Your choice of advertising medium should be based on your target market. For example: If you are a local business, dealing with local people, advertising in a national paper or magazine is not going to specifically target your area so may be a waste of money with little to no results.

Ask Your Customers
The best way to decide which method is right for you is to ask your customers. Ask them which magazines/papers they read or go to when looking for information on local or national products or services. Ask them if they respond to flyers in their po box/letter box. Have they ever responded to an advert on the local radio? If you are a new business & do not yet have customers, then ask local people & local businesses the same sort of questions to help you decide.

The advertising medium you choose will also be linked to your advertising or marketing budget. Beware of choosing an advertising medium purely because of its price. What may seem like a really cost effective way of promoting your business may cost more in the long run if it brings no results!

Any form of advertising should include your company logo/brand image. Your company name & logo, colours & slogan should appear on all of your marketing material including all advertising. This sends out a consistent message & over time will imprint your company & its image into peoples minds. Obviously if you are advertising on the radio it is impossible to show your brand, logo & company colours but, if you have a company slogan ‘Have A Break, Have A Kit Kat’, then you would want to ensure that this is included. If you do not yet have company branding then it is advisable to employ the services of a good designer. It may be tempting to design your company logo yourself or even your adverts but it is wise to remember that the brand image or advert created is a direct reflection of your business & if the branding or advert does not look very professional, then people will assume that neither is your company! Stick to your strengths  & get a professional in for areas you are not qualified or experienced in.You would not employ a bricklayer to do a plumbers job now would you?

Less Is More
Many people think that an advert should be used to tell everyone everything about their business. This is NOT the best use of advertising.
Advertising is a way to get people through the door of your premises or to get your phone ringing or to get people to visit the company website. Products or services that these customers then go on to buy are down to you, your sales staff, your pricing, your product & many other factors. Keep wording of your advert to a minimum, use bullet points or short statements as opposed to long sentences. Make sure the advert states clearly what you do, for example: Ron’s Painting & Decorating or Bouquets Flower Shop. Do not try & cram a lot of information into a small advertising space or a short period of time if advertising on the radio. Overcrowding your advert is confusing to potential customers. Research shows that 94% of people will ignore a printed advert all together if it is highly condensed. This is especially so if the text is small & more difficult to read. The same rule applies when people are listening to an advert. Too much information confuses the message.


A picture can paint a thousand words. One clear image can say what it may takes 5 sentences of text to say. Images break up the text in an advert giving it balance & making it easier to read. Images should be high resolution to look professional & clear in print. There are many online website’s where you can buy high resolution images very cheaply, these images are professional & come with the copyright to use them for advertising purposes. Do not ‘borrow’ images from on the internet, these are low resolution, so they will appear low quality & fuzzy when printed. It is also illegal to use other peoples images or clipart for advertising in publications or on flyers & billboards without the express permission of the owner or the legal copyright.

AIDA is a method used to make sure your advertising does everything it is intended to do.

Attention - Does your advert get peoples attention, this could be bright colours, professional branding or attractive pictures.
Interest - Does your advert get them interested in your product/service? A way to do this may be to point out unique features of your company or product using words like: The ONLY COMPANY IN CYPRUS or FULLY INSURED & GUARANTEED. Make sure what you claim in your advert is true!
Desire - Your advert should create desire. A way to do this may be to ask a question for example: Would you like to save money on your..........?
Action: Ultimately we want our advert to make the potential customer take action. The action we are always looking for is to get the customer to call us, visit our website or come to our business premises. In our advertising giving discounts off or stating that people need to hurry as there are only so many of a product in stock is a good way to get people to act now.

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