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The saying goes...’Your business is only as professional as the people & services you employ’.
What this means to most business owners is that choosing the right service providers for your business is key to it’s success. Unless you have a very large company that has a vast number of people working for it with departments for every area of your business you will need to source the skills & ‘know how’ of a professional in certain areas:

A good accountant is worth their weight in gold when it comes to the finite detail of tax & VAT systems, especially here in Cyprus where most legal accounting forms are written in Greek. A good accountant can do everything from compiling your accounts, calculating & submitting your social insurance & VAT to auditing & producing final accounts for submission to the tax office. They can also give you good advice on how to legally save money & minimise overheads.

Legal Services
Most businesses operating in Cyprus require a license of some sort. In the hospitality industry particularly there are various licences & due diligence to consider. A goo Lawyer will ensure that you are covered legally with all the appropriate legal requirements to professionally & legally run your business in it’s specific market.

Employing the services of a good design & marketing company will help you create a professional identity & brand for your product or service. Your designer should also be able to provide you with ideas & marketing techniques to attract more potential customers/clients.

In this day & age it is expected that every serious, professional company will have a website which provides an insight into the products & services on offer. A good web designer can work with your existing brand to create a tailor made website which best promotes & reflects your company & its products & services.
In addition hosting social media sites & actively promoting your business using the internet is of great importance as is the right accounting & data management systems.

Training & Product Knowledge
A good company should know its products & services well. If your company has a large product range usually suppliers are happy to come in & train & educate your staff as to the products they supply & their features & benefits. Having good product knowledge is essential to generate repeat sales with customers. In addition many companies do not train their staff in core areas like sales, customer service or team management, they expect the people who work for them to ‘know’ how to represent the company in these areas. Leaving employee skills to chance based on reluctance to invest in training or based on employees previous jobs or experience is a risky business that could easily backfire. Remember your front line people (the people who have direct contact with the customer) give the first impression of your business. Employing an experienced, proven training company to teach core skills made bespoke to your business environment is one of the best investments you could ever make.

In Summary
The most important thing to consider is that you should remain focussed on what you are good at & the skills you bring to your product or service & let these experts focus on the things that they are best at. Together, with the right people in place you can have a winning combination which will have a dramatic & positive impact on your business.

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