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Having been involved in training for over 10 years now I decided to re-launch my skills in Cyprus to help a variety of businesses with their sales and marketing strategy. Generally not enough emphasis is placed on training in companies as most people believe it is very difficult to quantify results.

Sales training particularly can show immediate and long term results especially with new customer or new account acquisition an area which I focus on heavily when training sales people. It is one thing to be an Account Manager and look after existing accounts but to increase the average spend of existing customers or to acquire new customers is a different story. Business growth relies on exceptional customer service, link selling & selling up to existing customers and a high percentage of new account or customer acquisition.

Its Just A Numbers Game

The biggest fear for most sales people is that of rejection yet sales is merely a numbers game.
Imagine you are having a few friends over and you offered them all a cup of coffee, out of 10 friends maybe only 3 would take you up on the offer preferring a different beverage. Would you get upset or feel rejected by all those friends who said no? I think not. The positive of this example is that for every 10 people on average 3 people or 30 % said yes to you. So based on average figures to get 15 Yes answers you just need to ask 50. The sooner you ask the 50, knowing that 3 out of 10 will say yes, the sooner you have your new clients or in this case coffee drinkers!

Of course there a different skill variables to increase the percentage of people who say yes, but even if you are up against the most successful and experienced sales person in the world, ask more people than him or her and you will achieve more!

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