Many business owners do not understand the value of training & the impact it can have on their business.
Through training you can give both yourself & your employees new skills whether that be for a Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Manufacturing, Technical, Financial, Administrative, Logistical or Management Role.
Training builds a stronger competitive edge for your company, by increasing your teams skills the rewards will lead to an improved bottom line & better customer experiences.

Statistics show that organisations who make investments in training people typically have lower employee turnover, this is associated with higher customer satisfaction & in turn is a driver of profitability. A second driver is Manager proficiency, good Managers determine if people stay or go, this is also influenced by training & development.
In fact employee/business owner education & training is one of the most significant predictors of a company’s success in today’s business climate.

What Type Of Training?

Identify areas in which your business could improve. Do you need more sales, a better product or to improve logistics or customer service? Maybe your technology, branding, due diligence or cash flow are letting you down. Once you have identified areas in which you can improve.. you are half way there.
Regardless of what type of training you are looking to invest in for yourself or your team, it is important to find a recommended training company or body that delivers professional, tailor made training for your specific business needs using a variety of methods such as:

Group Discussion
Role Play
On The Job Training

Using a variety of methods & resources ensures maximum learning potential as different people take on different information in different ways.
Check out a training company before making a decision. Ask for testimonials from other businesses local to you relating to their personal experience of receiving training from this company. What impact did it have on their business?

Isn’t Training Just For Big Companies?

This is a widely believed myth of small business owners. If you can see something you would like to improve in your business, then training can help you. If you are a ‘one man band’ then identify your own personal strengths & weaknesses, be honest with yourself & then invest in yourself.
If you have people who work with/for you, they will be delighted to know you think enough of them to invest in them personally, not just for the benefit of your own business but also the long term benefits to them personally. Remember, you are never the finished article until you draw your last breath!

But I can’t Justify Spending Money On Something I Cannot Quantify!

If you could gain 20 more customers per year, for example, what would that be worth to your company & more importantly your bottom line? Of course every customer would probably spend differently but all of those new customers would certainly increase revenue. This is the sort of impact training in sales & marketing can have on your business for example. Sometimes we are not gaining new customers, not because of a poor product or service but because we do not have the skills or in some cases the confidence to get our message out there. What if by making a small investment in training we could change all that & bring in those badly needed customers who once they saw our fantastic product & service would be with us over many years bringing in repeat revenue throughout that time? How much is that worth? Or to put it another way.. How much potential revenue are you losing through not having these skills in place?

What Benefits Will Investing In Training Give My Business?

Remember that training is not a ‘one off’ thing. It is important to refresh on training at least once a year to keep your focus & be aware of changes to specific areas of business. If you implement consistent, professional training you & your employees:

*     Will be more productive, confident, efficient & committed to the business & workplace.
*     Will show increased motivation toward skills development, giving improved customer service &    achieving measurable results.
*     Will have better awareness of career pathways/business development & opportunities for improvement.

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